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We Only Employ 3rd Line Level Engineers

We’re not your average IT support company. For one thing, all our engineers are 3rd line level. Sounds good, right? But what does it mean in practice?

The 1st line of support is your typical help desk operator. They usually clarify an issue and pass it to a 2nd line engineer to solve.

The 2nd line of support is usually where routine problems get fixed. However, some problems that are out of the ordinary will end up being passed up to 3rd line level engineers.

This might be efficient for the IT support company but what about you? If you’re calling with a non-routine problem you can end up being passed around like a parcel, wasting your time and causing you aggravation when you just want your problem to be fixed.

When you call us, you know the person who picks up the phone is someone who has the technical expertise to find and fix your problem, no matter how unusual it is.

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Cross Platform Experts

Our engineers are either Microsoft and/or Apple certified. This is very rare. Most companies are Microsoft Certified; many others are Apple certified. Thirdline is one of the few that offer the best of both accreditations.

Being part of the Apple Consultants Network means you can be confident we will be able to get your Apple IT solutions are set up, configured and supported correctly:

  • Setting up, integrating and supporting Mac desktops and notebook computers
  • Supporting OS X Server, integrating Mac into complex Apple and multi-platform networks, and managing the IT infrastructure
  • Deploying, supporting, integrating into the cloud, and consulting services on iOS devices

Being a Microsoft Partner means we’re able to work closely with Microsoft themselves when it comes to planning and setting up your hardware and software solutions. We’re also always kept up to date with the latest in their technology.


Thirdline are part of the Apple Consultants Network          Microsoft

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We’ve developed our own unique self-healing technology which can monitor your entire IT infrastructure. This software finds and fixes many issues automatically before they can threaten the availability of your business services.

This improves the reliability and efficiency of your IT, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

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