IT Support For Business

Raise Productivity and Reduce IT Costs

We provide flexible and efficient IT systems which can scale with your company, whatever your size, however fast your growth.

Our real time ‘self-healing’ technology enables our engineers to find and fix issues in your IT infrastructure before they become problems which might impact your business. We also have a team of accredited engineers who understand Microsoft, Apple and Linux environments with over 100 years of combined industry experience.

IT Managed Service Benefits

We don’t just develop your IT for you, we develop it with you. Communication is one of the key reasons our customers are delighted by our service (did you know we have a 99.22% customer retention rate?). Regular meetings with our Client Development Managers will help you keep on top of today’s requirements and see future IT problems coming.

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True Transparency

We have developed our own bespoke, in-house platform designed specifically around our clients’ requirements and we give you access to it so, at any time of the day or night, you can see what we see. You can run reports anytime to see how we are performing for your business, and easily view the current trends for your business and your team.


Integrated Security

As standard we provide you with access to our anti-virus cloud platform which is designed to ensure system stability and security. This actively monitors devices for threats as well as ensuring the most up to date and reliable patches are applied to your system.


Vendor Accredited

We are a Microsoft accredited partner as well as a member of the Apple Consultants Network. All members of our service desk are accredited as either Microsoft Certified Professionals or Apple Certified Professionals, in some cases both.


Continuous Development

Great communication is a necessary part of a great customer experience. We undertake annual reviews for every client to make sure their IT is working to support their business plan. You will also have regular road-map meetings with your own Client Development Manager.


Maximum Efficiency

We use our advanced ‘real-time’ and ‘self-healing’ technology to identify, prevent and resolve issues, in most cases before you or your team have the chance to become aware of them.


Available Anytime

Anytime access to a service desk with over 100 years of multi-platform IT experience, all of which know and understand your business.

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Our company is growing quickly however my infrastructure is holding me back
Gleeson Recruitment approached Thirdline requiring assistance with their infrastructure, which was an increasing concern due to the growth of their organisation. It was clear the organisation was growing much more quickly than their IT infrastructure, causing internal strains.
Our infrastructure is spread over different sites and we're not efficient
Butler Sherborn were expanding and there IT systems were becoming restrictive. This is negatively affecting staff performance and business efficiency. They needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure.
We need to consolidate our infrastructure and migrate to the cloud
Business Winning Systems needed to replace our ageing on-premises infrastructure with a flexible, resilient cloud-based solution to keep pace with developments in modern technology.
We need an IT partner who is going to assist us with our growth
Dennis & Turnbull needed a partner that was going to resolve immediate issues but further assist with the ongoing IT strategy to help support the planned exponential growth.
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