Disaster Recovery

How would your business function if you were to suddenly lose your data and applications? Whether it’s a hardware failure, a virus, or a rogue employee, there are any number of things which could threaten the day-to-day operation of your business.

A proper disaster recovery plan is like having an insurance policy for your business services.

If a critical piece of hardware fails, we’ll have a replacement unit on site fast. All your data will be backed up regularly so your systems can be restored to their original state before downtime starts causing major problems.

If an employee makes a mistake and deletes a crucial file, we’ll ensure it’s restored.

Along with this we will provide a Disaster Recovery plan to show you how the backup works as well as what your expectations should be in the event of a disaster.

If your business is hit by a flood or any other sort of natural disaster we can have new hardware, containing all your data, set up in a new location.

If your service relies on being accessible to customers, we’ll help you recover from infrastructure issues before your customers are too badly affected.

I need a disaster plan

All Equipment Provided as Standard

No hardware/software purchases required.
Fully Managed

Fully Managed Service

We continuously monitor your systems to ensure your backups are running as expected. If the worst happens our expert Disaster Recovery team are on hand around the clock to help minimise any downtime or outages experienced.
Client Portal

Client Portal

You’ll have access to a state of the art portal where you can assist with your ISO inspections or just view the information to give you peace of mind.

Military grade security

We secure your data with the same rigour that we secure our own and all our encryption is military-grade.
Restore Options

Restore to any hardware

We can restore your full system images to any hardware, physical or virtual.
Stored in the UK

Stored in UK datacentres

We’re only able to provide this level of service by having complete control over the data we store and backup for you. For this reason, we only use UK data centres. You wouldn’t store your business contracts abroad so we don’t store your data there.

Flexible Backup Schedule

Your data is backed up daily by default and retained for 60 days, with incremental hourly snapshots, but you can set your own schedule if you prefer. E.g. twice daily incremental, 6-month retention? No problem – just let us know.

Flexible and easy restores

Deleted a file by accident? Just right-click on the folder where the file was located and click restore. Of course, you can still call us with details of what you want restored and where you want it restored to if you prefer.
Backup Storage

Local and offsite backup storage

Backups are initially made to local storage servers (ensuring speedy backups and restores), then encrypted and replicated offsite for additional peace-of-mind.

Business Backup Service

We have created a Managed Business Backup Service to include the very best of onsite and offsite data storage methods which has protected over a petabyte of customer data this year alone.

By employing our own combination of software, hardware, and built in features of most modern server platforms we are able to collect nightly system images (which are kept for 60 days), and hourly data snapshots to provide quick and easy recovery from the small changes like file deletions (stretching back a minimum of 30 days).

We will also provide a full Disaster Recovery plan to show you how the system works as well as what your expectations should be in the event of a worst case scenario.

Help me protect my data

Related Challenges with Disaster Recovery

We need to protect our data but also have to comply with accreditation standards
The relationship AMR has with its customers is fundamental to the success of their business and cannot be compromised. As the business has grown and demands have increased, a requirement for a more robust backup solution has become apparent.
Our infrastructure is spread over different sites and we're not efficient
Butler Sherborn were expanding and there IT systems were becoming restrictive. This is negatively affecting staff performance and business efficiency. They needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure.
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