It’s our birthday!

Feel free to throw us a congratulatory tweet at #thirdlineUK! We’ve now been fixing companies IT problems for 12 years. In that time, we’ve grown from doing simple computer builds to designing, building, and supporting huge IT infrastructures with dozens of servers and an effectively infinite number of PCs. People have called us in as […]


New Android Hack Enables Hijack Attack

If you’re an Android user, the odds are your phone is open to an attack which would allow a third party to inject code into your unencrypted connection. An estimated 80% of Android phones are susceptible, claim researchers from mobile security company Lookout. That’s 1.4 billion devices. However, don’t panic just yet, as any attacker would […]


Securing the Internet of Things

It used to be that all you needed to break into a car was a wire coat hanger, but computerised security systems and electronic components are making it possible for thieves to attack newer vehicles without even approaching them. The rise of automated vehicles highlights the need for solid security measures. It’s all too easy for the […]